Mission Statement

SBA Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Comox Valley Small Business Association (SBA) is to enhance the presence, credibility, economic stability, and future growth of small businesses in the Comox Valley.

The SBA:

  • provides networking and educational opportunities for association members
  • encourages and assists members in their personal and professional growth
  • acts as an advocate to promote the credibility and growth of small businesses in the Comox Valley¬†
  • participates in decision-making that impacts the future development of the Comox Valley.

Goals Include:

  • Effect positive changes in bylaws and attitudes regarding home-based and small businesses in all levels of local and regional governments and businesses;
  • Assist new and existing home-based and small businesses to achieve healthy sustainable growth through education, business networking and mentoring;
  • Help educate the general public about the positive benefits of home-based businesses and their contribution to healthy neighbourhoods and the economic growth of the Comox Valley;
  • Provide social and business contacts for individuals who usually work in isolation;
  • Host informative guest speakers offering knowledge, expertise and training required to operate home-based and small businesses.
  • Hold Round Table discussions where we are invited to question the experts on various topics, from understanding the Internet to financial and tax advice.